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According to the researches made in our country one person spends approximately 500 plastic bags in one year and at the end of such consumption a lot of these plastic bags don’t get recycled, being left to the environment. Nearly all of these plastic bags are not soluble. It takes about 500  to 1000 years for these materials to disappear in nature. During these years, lots of plants, animals, soil and ocean get damaged. The chemical materials inside plastic bags we use mix to the soil and effect the food we grow when it is just a seed. As people who are trying to get away from plastic materials and be respectful to nature, we also have to do whatever we can.

Cloth bags are also durable and can be used for a long time with them being recyclable as well. All of our cloth bags are made of %100 cotton and disappear in  nature in 90 days. Also, for our printing, paints that are not harmful to the human health are used, like water-based paint and textile dye, which have no harm. You can show that you care by using environment friendly cloth bags and help prevent pollution. Raw cloth bags are durable and healthy.